Play Modern Warfare 3 for Free on These Dates, Here’s the Content Included

From December 14th to December 18th (till 10 am PT/ 11:30 pm IST), Activision is giving gamers free access to Modern Warfare 3’s Season 1 content. Note that this includes multiplayer only and not the single-player campaign (which was a disaster and not worth playing anyway). Here’s what it includes:

New Season 1 Map: Meat

“Season 1 introduces the new map Meat, a compact slaughterhouse located in California’s Port of Oakland. Battle in close quarters through the meat locker and processing plant or extend the fight into the midrange by taking to the outer loading dock and parking lot. The new Tac-Stance ability is perfect for this environment, combining agility and accuracy to stay light on your feet while remaining on target.”

Modern Warfare Zombies

“Zombies arrives for the first time in the Modern Warfare universe, and Free Access players can get more than a taste of the new gameplay experience as they join Operation Deadbolt in their mission to contain the Exclusion Zone.

Taking place on a zombified version of the new big Urzikstan map, players will deploy to and complete Missions and Contracts, and acquire high-value items like Acquisitions and Schematics that can be exfiltrated from the match for use in future deployments.”

War Mode: Operation Spearhead

“Compete in War’s Operation Spearhead, a multiphase objective mode. The attacking team’s objective is threefold: Destroy the enemy team’s SAM Site and Radar, escort a tank through hostile territory, and upload override codes to prevent an incoming missile launch. On the defending team, it’s your job to prevent the enemy from completing their mission at all costs.”

All Supported Maps and Modes

“The full list of maps, modes, and Playlists that will be available to Free Access players includes:

6v6 Core Maps: Terminal, Rust, Highrise, Shipment, Afghan, Meat.

Ground War Maps: Popov Power, Orlov Military Base, Levin Resort.

Core Modes: Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Domination, Kill Confirmed, Ground War, War.

Playlists: Rustment 24/7 (Shipment and Rust), War Mode, 6v6 Moshpit (featuring Highrise, Meat, Afghan, Terminal), Ground War, Modern Warfare Zombies.”

How to Play

As per Activision, “an additional download is required to play”. Just head over to the store page on Steam and you’ll see the free play option if you’re on PC. It should be similar on consoles as well, just head to the store page and the option should be available. Happy gaming!

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