NVIDIA H100 GPUs Will Draw as Much Power as Entire Cities Soon: Over 2.5 Billion Watts

NVIDIA’s H100 GPUs are the most powerful AI accelerators on the planet. Each draws up to 700W of power, 55% more than the RTX 4090 and higher than the average US household. NVIDIA expects to sell up to 2 million of these H100 GPUs in 2024, bringing the overall number of accelerators to 3.5 million (assuming 1.5 million were sold in 2023). Going by this figure, the peak wattage of all these H100 graphics accelerators would total nearly 2.5 billion watts.

According to Paul Churnock, the Principal Engineer¬†of¬†Datacenter¬†Technical Governance and Strategy at Microsoft, NVIDIA’s H100 GPUs will sip more power than some American cities by the end of 2024. With a peak power consumption of 700W, its power consumption equals the average American household occupant (2.51 people/household).

This is Nvidia’s H100 GPU. It has a peak power consumption of ~700W. At a 61% annual utilization, it is equivalent to the power consumption of the average American household occupant (based on 2.51 people/household). Nvidia’s estimated sales of H100 GPUs is 1.5-2mil H100 GPUs in 2024. Comparing to residential power consumption by city, Nvidia’s H100 chips would rank as the 5th largest, just behind Houston, Texas and ahead of Phoenix, Arizona.

Paul Churnock

Assuming NVIDIA sells 1.5 to 2 million H100 GPUs in 2024, their overall power draw would surpass the residential power consumption of Phoenix, Arizona. Larger cities like Houston, Texas, would still draw more power, making the H100s more power-hungry than all but the top-four residential power sippers.

Via: TomsHardware.

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