Intel’s Meteor Lake Family Won’t Come to Desktops After All: Only AIOs and NUCs

Intel’s upcoming Meteor Lake family will be restricted to the mobility segment. The rumors were right, and the executive was mostly wrong. It’s not every day we get to see this, but here we are. After the GM of Intel’s Client Division categorically confirmed a 2024 launch for the Meteor Lake-S desktop lineup, a follow-up statement from the company has pretty much retracted the former.

Meteor Lake is a power efficient architecture that will power innovative mobile and desktop designs, including desktop form factors such as All-in-One (AIO). We will have more product details to share in the future.

Intel to ComputerBase

In an official statement to ComputerBase, Intel has stated that the Meteor Lake architecture will power “innovative mobile and desktop designs,” including desktop factors such as All-in-One or AIO PCs. This means that Meteor Lake will show up on the desktop market at some point, but most likely as AIOs or NUCs with soldered processors.

Initially, the 14th Gen Meteor Lake-S desktop family was planned to consist of two dies, one with 22 (6P + 16E) and the other with 14 (6P + 8E) cores. All SKUs would be paired with the same iGPU tile (4 Xe cores). The top-end CPU was supposed to have a base TDP of 125W, in line with existing K-series parts.

It was believed that these chips would form Intel’s lower-end and midrange desktop portfolio, with Arrow Lake powering the higher-end Core i7s and flagship Core i9s. Unfortunately, now Intel’s 14th Gen desktop lineup will solely consist of rebranded Raptor Lake parts.

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