Intel: 15th Gen Arrow Lake Desktop and Lunar Lake Mobile CPUs Coming Later this Year

The 15th Gen Arrow Lake family will bring AI accelerators to the desktop space (following in AMD footsteps)

Intel today confirmed that its 15th Gen Arrow Lake desktop processors are on track for a late 2024 release. Michelle Holthaus, the Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Client Computing Group (who had said Meteor Lake CPUs would come to desktops in 2024), clarified this during Intel’s keynote earlier today.

The 15th Gen Arrow Lake family will bring Meteor Lake’s AI accelerator to the desktop space, following in AMD’s recent footsteps. Lunar Lake is also expected to launch for low-power notebooks and convertibles later this year. The successor to Lakefield will boast a “radically new low-power architecture and significant IPC improvements” with an emphasis on AI performance.

Arrow Lake will represent Intel’s greatest performance leap since the release of Alder Lake in H2 2021. It’ll be the first desktop lineup from the chipmaker to leverage a chiplet (tiled) architecture, consisting of a 20A (2nm) CPU die and a 4nm (TSMC N4) tGPU. The CPU core architecture will be upgraded to Lion Cove (from Redwood Cove) for the P and Skymont (Crestmont) for the E-cores.

In terms of numbers, the core count should be the same as Raptor Lake with 8P and 16E cores. The iGPU will be based on the Battlemage graphics IP with significantly more shader units than Raptor Lake and an NPU to go along with it.

Lunar Lake is designed as an always-on ultrabook/convertible SoC succeeding Lakefield. It’ll be fabbed on TSMC’s 3nm (N3B) node and feature up to 8 cores (4P +4E +2 LP). These chips are architecturally similar to Arrow Lake but produced by TSMC with a lower TDP of 7-15W. The launch is expected at the same time or perhaps earlier than the desktop ARL parts.

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