Intel Arc A770 has Become up to 600% Faster in DX11 Games and 18% Cheaper in the Last 3 Months

Intel’s Arc A series graphics cards were released with buggy and incomplete drivers last year. Since then, the GPU team has made rapid strides, rolling out multiple driver updates a month. These include GameOn optimizations for newly launched titles and massive performance uplifts for older DX11-based games. Several legacy titles that failed to run on Arc GPUs now offer over 100 FPS on the A770.

Notable examples include World War X and Halo: Master Chief Collection. The latter averaged a paltry 41 FPS on the Arc A770 in September. Using the latest driver, it produces an average of 247 FPS, an increase of 600X within a quarter. Similarly, World War Z averaged 85 FPS in September but can now be enjoyed at 172 FPS by Arc A770 owners, courtesy of the Intel driver team.

Newer, DirectX 12-based titles have also received notable performance improvements in the last three months. Starfield is a prime example. From being “incompatible” on Arc GPUs, it now averages 51 FPS on the Arc A770 at 1080p “High.”

The latest market price for the Arc A770 16GB is $269, 18% less than its debut price of $329.

Via: Mydrivers.

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