Deathloop is Free to Grab on Amazon Prime: How to Get it

Deathloop is free to grab on Prime Gaming for a limited time, until January 10th. This Amazon Prime membership benefit often flies under the radar for most people as there usually aren’t any notable free games compared to the Epic Games Store or Steam free games lineup. But if you already have an Amazon Prime membership, it’s time to journey to the Prime Gaming home page and claim this game right away.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Make sure you have an Amazon Prime membership and an Epic Games account first
  • Visit the Prime Gaming home page
  • Click on the free games tab
  • You’ll see Deathloop among other games there, click on Claim
  • Click on “Get game” and then “Link account”, making sure it’s the right Amazon account
  • Sign into your Epic Games account and give it permission to link up with Amazon Prime
  • You’re done. The game should now be available in the EGS library to download!

Made by Arkane Studios, the same people who made the incredible Dishonored and Prey games (we don’t speak of Redfall), Deathloop is a super-fun first-person shooter incorporating some elements of rogue-like games. Tasked with taking out a bunch of high-profile targets in a single day, players need to figure out the best way to tackle them without dying, as death restarts the cycle although you get to keep some weapons and perks. Also, there’s a rival assassin hunting the player the whole time, trying to make their encounters more challenging or miserable, depending on how they approach it. There’s also a multiplayer aspect where this rival assassin can be controlled by a player, or can be switched over to CPU control if you’re not a fan of that.

While you’re over at the Prime Gaming page, you can also grab last month’s free game “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic”. It’s an old game, but a classic at that and worth getting if you haven’t ever played it. Prime Gaming says there’ll be a free game every week, it’ll be interesting to see what’s in store next. Epic Games Store is doing a similar giveaway except it’s daily, make sure to grab those as well!

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