AMD Releases FSR 3 Source Code for DX12 and Unreal Engine 5 with the v3.0.3 Update

In a recent blog post over on GPUOpen, AMD announced that developers using DirectX12 and Unreal Engine 5 will have access to AMD’s implementation of its latest temporal upscaling tech, FSR 3 (FidelityFX Super Resolution 3), starting with the v.3.0.3 update. The following features are available in this new update:

  • AMD FSR 3 API for integration.
  • Currently released as a special branch of AMD FidelityFX SDK 1.0.
  • API documentation¬†including quick start checklist.
  • Full C++ and HLSL source provided via a library.
  • FSR 3 DirectX 12 sample.
  • This package includes source of all FidelityFX SDK 1.0 samples, but only the FSR 3 executable is pre-built.

The update also adds quality improvements to FSR 3 and support for Variable Refresh Rate monitors within frame pacing logic. Developers can also integrate FSR 3 using the AMD FidelityFX SDK DLL which includes easier debugging and to future-proof their games in terms of API compatibility. They also recommended enabling Hardware Accelerated GPU scheduling (HAGS) in Windows OS for best results with FSR 3 Frame Generation technology and to replace FSR 2 implementations in games with FSR 3.

AMD also mentioned several upcoming titles confirmed to have FSR 3 support, adding on to the current three AAA titles already featuring it (Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, Forspoken, Immortals of Aveum)

Being released under the MIT license, AMD is ensuring that FSR 3 implementation can be adopted as widely as possible. Check out their official blog post here and head over to this page if you wish to download the latest FSR 3 code or view it.


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